River Pontoons – River Pontoon Boats Make the Best Small Fishing Boat


When it comes to a small fishing boat for fishing in rivers, river pontoons are hard to beat no matter how you slice it. As a matter of fact river pontoons could very well be the most versatile, well balanced small fishing boat available to anglers that like to fish in rivers. In this article I will frame the two most popular styles of river pontoons; One for the personel angler, the other which can be used for complicated anglers.

Either of these small fishing boats would make an excellent river boat and would be a great increasing to any river fisherman’s arsenal. This type of boat is very lightweight, incredibly versatile, and very easy to maneuver in the water. Having a potential small fishing boat, such as the ones being outlined here, will help any river angler perceive much more fishing success.

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Both of the river pontoon boats below have inflatable pontoons, which make them very lightweight and easy to move from fishing spot to fishing spot. Depending on your popular fishing style, one of the boats below is the excellent choice for river angling.

River Pontoons – River Pontoon Boats Make the Best Small Fishing Boat
  1. Fish Cat Pontoon – This small fishing boat is excellent for the personel angler. It is equipped with a seat mounted in between two inflatable pontoons and is maneuvered in the water with a pair of attached oars. The Fish Cat river pontoon is excellent for a lone angler navigating and fishing their popular river. Although many habitancy think of this type of small fishing boat being used by fly fishermen, it can be used successfully by spin fishermen as well. When it comes to river pontoons the Fish Cat is verily excellent for an personel fishermen who likes to fish in the flowing waters that rivers provide.
  2. FoldCat Pontoon – The FoldCat pontoon is the best river boat for more than one angler. As a matter of fact, when it comes to river pontoons the FoldCat is hard to beat, especially in medium to large sized rivers. The largest version of this boat can carry up to four anglers comfortably, and the smaller version is verily excellent for two anglers. What makes this river pontoon unique is that there is a platform on top of the pontoons, which means that anything on the boat is fully out of the water while fishing. With most river pontoons (such as the Fish Cat referred to above) your legs are in the water while you are on it, making waders important in many instances. In any case the FoldCat river pontoon is the excellent small boat for more than one angler. While great for river fishing this boat can even be equipped with a small motor if you so choose, which makes lake fishing possible as well. All in all The FoldCat is a splendid inflatable pontoon boat for river fishing.

There is no doubt that pontoons make the best small fishing boats for fishing in rivers and one of the above choices should be excellent for your personel fishing preferences.

River Pontoons – River Pontoon Boats Make the Best Small Fishing Boat


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